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About Us

About Us / Our Story

Get to know us 

Nudedate is a home-grown cosmetic brand that proudly born in Malaysia. Established since 2019. 


Nudedate was born with a mission.

We believe everyone deserves to be loved.

We want to make your date perfect, with Nudedate!

Our mission

Nudedate aims to:

  1. Enhance your own unique beauty 
  2. Satisfy all your beauty needs
  3. Empower you to experiment and have fun with make up
  4. Dedicate to be your confidence-builder
  5. Help you look and feel better
  6. Be your everyday essentials 

Our Vision

We aspire to become the company that satisfies the beauty needs of women globally and to grow internationally.

Our Motto

Every day’s a new day 

We believe every day is a new beginning and it is an opportunity to create something new. Start every day with a new hope, Start your new day with Nudedate!


1. Customer Focus

  • We listen to our customers. 
  • Our customers’ feedbacks and reviews are valuable to us as it guides us in everything we do.

 2. Corporate Social Responsibility / Environment  

  • We used environmental friendly packaging in order to contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Cruelty free practices.
3. Innovation
  • We strive to be creative in creating new product to our customers. 
4. Responsible
  • We are driven to do things
  • right and meet our commitments

5. Collaborative
    • We believe working together can achieve more.
    • We welcome collaborative partnership.